Don’t pray, rather talk with God – 1


DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way intend to hurt the sentiments of social animals, globally. Kindly, mark this post as freedom of speech and expression. Share your views through comment, share and likes. Individual will be held personally responsible, if found taking personal stands which are not in any way, accepted by the society. The liable culprit will be regarded as dumb, person without soul and will lose the identity as Hetu.So let’s begin 🙂

Who is “God”…to you?
What does “God” mean…to you?
How you pray…to God?
What you ask…from God?

There are  many questions which are rarely being answered in today’s world. But, I got answers to the “not so answerable” questions – incidentally. So, thought of sharing with “The Happy Hetu’s”(i.e. YOU). The inspiration for this Hetu (Remember! We have named this blog as HETU) was a conversation with the old man on my return to Bhavnagar from Ahmedabad.

The date was 13th and the day was Friday. To worsen up the situation my seat number was 13, too. Approaching towards seat 13, I felt calmed and relaxed since it was a window seat (as informed). Thanking God, I raised my middle finger in the air with arrogance towards the blind beliefs related to number 13. 13 turned to be lucky for me as I wished for window seat and wish did get fulfilled. (However, instead of praising 13, I should praise the bus agent who offered me a window seat on request). Window seat connects me with me (sometimes, its better to spend time with ourselves, too).

I was peeping outside the window watching beauty of nature, I mean – beautiful girls who had just finished the regular college hours. Most of them wore micro minis. Their legs were toned, perfectly shaped, and were shining bright due to the reflection of sun rays. Call it the perfect cuts or the right curves, those girls epitomized beauty in all way (sorry boys, they were far so was not able to stalk them completely 😉 ). Suddenly, the ice broke when an YOUNG OLD MAN called me out:

“Hello son! are you on 13th?”

“Yes Sir!”, I replied.

“13th is lucky for this unlucky but no worries, young mind! we will have an fruitful journey”. The young  old man replied with smile and sat on 14th which was his place.

I felt weird and irritated as it broke my vision on one of the best nature’s beauty – the girls with micro minis. I got engaged in biting my left over nails thinking about when will the bus start? when will I reach home? who will come to pick me? what would have mom made for the dinner? will it be mine favorite dish? and guess what not nonsense i was thinking about. Actually, there’s some relation between nails and think. Do nails taste good, if we eat them while thinking? Yuk!!

The bus engine finally made a roar which was the signal for the start of journey. I thanked God to have a peaceful trip and also saw my fellow passenger – the young old man whispering something to himself. I again started biting my nails thinking about what did the fellow passenger say? to whom did he say? Is he an alien? Do he has a habit of continuous talking? Is he mentally retard and again guess what not nonsense I was thinking about. My eagerness for the answer initiated the conversation  between us and I finally raised the question:

“Uncle! To whom did you talk when the bus start and what did you say?? Is there a ghost story or something?”.

The young old man laughed uncontrollably, drank a sip of water and replied:

“With one of our fellow passenger – GOD”.

A silence rose between us. May be, the young old man was waiting for my reply – an expression or my reaction. But, I was blank. I did nothing of the two and just turned my face straight. I again started biting my nails and thinking of the moment he told GOD. His voice had firm determination. Confidence was reflecting since the time he told me hello son! Physically, he was old but from voice and expressions he was at his early 30’s. The skin was far from wrinkles. However, the glow had reduced a little. He carried a mustache of horseshoe shaped with few hairs still being black. Suited up in dark blue I thought the young old man is some eminent personality in his area of expertise.

I took a sip of mountain dew and pitched my second question “We pray to God, but you seemed to be talking with God. Why so!? ”

The young old man bounced back with the question:

“Who is GOD…to you”


I replied God is omnipresent. Today what we are is because of God (However, my existence is because of my Parents – Its because of them,  I entered the world 😉 Its because of them, I grew 🙂 Its because of them, I saw world 🙂 ) God lies within. He’s is always with us. He’s always in our heart. God is in every living being, in every body, in every soul. God is creator and God is destroyer, too. The whole flora and fauna is dependent on God. God is everywhere, everytime in everyone. I told these like a 10 marks answer in a innocent, yet confident way expressing my satisfaction on the silly question raised by the young old man.

The young old man again laughed. I was silent and again started biting my nails thinking what made this young old man laugh? did he understand my answer? Whether I answered correctly? was my voice audible to him? Did he listen to my answer? and guess what not nonsense I was thinking about. But, most importantly, I was waiting for his take – the reaction, expression, reply. And, all he did was laugh.



Thank you – for fruitfully investing 10 minutes at Hetu’s

4 thoughts on “Don’t pray, rather talk with God – 1

  1. marvellous.. now that’s what you actually are!!! a perfectionist who finds gemstone and pearl from the ocean of literature.. love the way you write each and every part… keep going through buddy and i cant control my eagerness of ‘ to be continue…’ write it early i wanna ready it like now…
    and good luck for whatever craziness you goona do in this story.. thats what you are made for my bro…
    keep RockinG 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hi! wonderful writing and good explanation till now…. i m sure there is lot to come…!

    here i m just want to share my point about god..! till now its not in the post so..!
    God is … you will think what the **** is this? i mean this ->{} … here i mean Soul, Blank, something that will never gonna cheat you any how., something that will give you feel like god., one inspiration which will give you and me to type this text, i doesn’t mean everywhere.! when you want to live for some another human being to make him/her happy . at that time that feeling called . when there is only one person you can follow and can take inspiration that is called . when you don’t want to make any effort or making efforts but not getting proper output at that time you think.. He will do.. not i m tired…! actually that He want to help you from very beginning but you… yes Mr. You just got your foot in his shoe.! so he thinks when you will give up.! he will do his magic..! so that He is . when you can’t think anything rather that that it is called …. so for me “God is ” ….!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Hem! Thanks for commenting.

      Absolutely delighted with your thoughts about God. Your take is remarkable. Wait for the next post buddy! The young old man’s answer is still pending 😉 He is yet to answer (May be, his thoughts might match with yours). And yes, still there are many questions that would be raised – answered – discussed. Happy reading brother 🙂 But yes, in nutshell your comment can be recognized as a brief summery of this HETU. My approach towards God is almost same as that of yours. Keep spreading Happiness, always!


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