Happy Farewell!

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It was a cold evening of December; I was waiting for room-mates to return from their offices but was waiting specially for one person – whom I loved the most. It would probably be the last time when I would be having dinner with them all at one place because, the very next day I was leaving to start my new life. Everyone came one by one, but she, she dint come even by 9 in the evening. I was sitting with them all and was having the best conversation with them. During the past three and half years, I have made them as a family, we were together in thick and thin of life and, we know we would be standing right next to each other in future too. I was with them but my mind was wandering somewhere near the G.I.D.C area of Vadodara and virtually searching that one girl who was missing in the conversation. She met me two years before; she was new in the town and was alone. She was missing her family and I made my hostel my family. She couldn’t adjust as she left her comforting home for the first time and I made my hostel enough comfortable for myself. I saw her crying on her second day in the new city. She was sitting on the window pane and was trying to hide tears when she saw me but I caught one drop which was rolling down her cheek and asked her if she was missing her home. As I kept my hand on her shoulder it was some sort of connection which developed and she immediately came to life and jumped off the window pane and hugged me. She was two years elder, but she cried like a seven year kid craving for the chocolate which meant world to her. That was the very moment when we both realized we were going to share a special bond. The bond was so special that we tried our best to do everything together, whether it is shopping for festive nine nights or dancing in those nine nights, whether it was a mere cough and cold or it was to eat chilly ice cream on chilly winter evening because of which we get cold.

It was two years from now, today it was time to depart it was time to start a new life. She was here in the city for a job and I was pursuing Bachelors of Engineering in Computer science. I had a fear that she won’t turn up today because of two reasons, firstly we couldn’t bid each other farewell as we don’t want to depart and don’t want to spoil pictures with our tears. Secondly, we both had a major fight a week ago and since then I wasn’t talking with her. While I was engrossed in my thoughts and regretting over my mistakes someone tapped me on my hip and I immediately recognized it as “THAT TAP”. It was her – Dulari Kothari, holding a cake in one hand and holding 5 “Angry Bird” balloons on other hand and wearing my favorite dress. I was unable to express the feeling when I saw her emotions flooded out of me in the form of tears and she hugged me as if it was my last hug to her.

It was half past 12 and we were still on the top of our energy, we knew we won’t be meeting again soon the only possibility was her marriage. We talked till three in the morning and then slept haphazardly. Next morning, it was time for me to leave. I was all set with my bags packed; holding tears in my eyes and the same situation was with everyone, it was her time too to take a leave from the place where we created memories.  We hugged everyone one by one than it was our turn to give the long lasting hug to each other. I don’t know about her, but I have never loved anyone that much like I loved her. She was crying bitterly as we both knew what we were going to miss – late night talks, shopping, dancing, and everything. Her nose always grew red when she cries her heart out and at that time it was apple red! She with her innocent and childish tone spoke to me “I guess, we both are perfect for each other than anyone else!” I just smiled and was trying to hold my tears so I can portray myself as a strong person (which I am not!).

We hugged each other and wanted time to stop right here so that we can be together as always. But Auto rickshaw person was in a bit hurry, he blew horn and asked us whether we want to leave or not, at that very moment I realized I may have left my parents three and half years ago for higher studies but I have gained an entire family of angels who were ready to be with me even at the hardest time. It struck to me that I can manage without my parents but it would be difficult for me to manage without all of them. People often say “relatives are by God’s choice, but friends, friends are the individual choice” and that time I was proud of my choice. It is the universal law that “we should go with the flow” so we both decided not to challenge universe and to go with the flow, she sat in her auto I sat in mine. We wanted to have the last glimpse of each other and we peeped from the auto and waved the final goodbye and I winked at her and she gave me the flying kiss as she always does. As the driver drove I couldn’t stop myself from remembering Robert Frost’s which I twisted in my words “two roads diverged in the woods I took one and she took another that has changed two lives!”



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