My “3-day” love story!

3-10-2015 3-38-06 PM

I’m flirt when it comes to talking with beautiful girls. Moreover, a complete nonsensical flirt when it comes to chatting with beautiful girls because they can’t slap me for my innocent-naughty-witty takes through phone.

P.S: Please note that I flirt and I accept it in front of the girl to whom I’m flirting with. It’s a healthy flirting. Just for fun – for some time. NOTHING SERIOUS.

So, dear Hetu’s as Ranbir goes by MY words “Flirting is good for health”, here we go………

Day 1:

Time: 10:40 PM IST

Girl: hey

Boy: Hi!

Girl: sup?

Boy: about to sleep



Time: 12:30 AM IST

Boy: Your Whatsapp Dp is not looking pretty!

Girl: Accha! (Is it?)

Boy: Haanji! (yes)

Girl: Why does it bother you, ANYWAY?

Boy: Ohhhooo! I don’t want to jack off, seeing your dp! It will be good for your ex. At least he could see a beautiful past :p

Girl: Ha dekhte hai! (let’s c)

Boy: Kya dikhavonge! :p (what should I see)

Girl: Hmmmmmm

Boy: please change your dp

Girl: kyu? (Why?)

Boy: Dp change krne ko bol raha hoon, kapde change krne ko nai 😀 (Just asking you to change the dp, not asking you to change the clothes)

Girl: Hmmmmm

Girl changes the display picture

Boy: Bomb Tu dik rahi hai, par blast main ho raha hai 😉 (You are the bomb, but the blasting takes place…within me)

Girl: lol

Girl: Hmmmmmm

Boy: Yaar teri taange ek dum chicken leg piece ki tarah hai! Kha javu? (Your legs are like chicken leg piece! Should I eat?)

Girl: kamine! (Rascal!)

Boy: Tu hai hi itni hawt, to mera kaminapan ugal kr bahar aa hi jaata hai (You are so hot that my non-sense gets boiled under your hot temperature)



Time: 2:50 AM IST

Girl: Drunk?

Boy: Tere pyaar ka nasha hi uss haddd tak chad gya k aab koi nashe ki zaroorat hi kaha (Not required because I’m already addicted to your love itself)

Girl: Ohhhoooo!!!! Am I a poison/Drug/toxic?

Boy: tu vodka hai….safed-white! Dheere Dheere! Haannngggooovvveerrrr hota hai (You are like vodka..transparent….slowly slowly! I get hangover!)

Girl: So jav aab! Kal jaldi uthna hai (You sleep…need to wake up early tomorrow)

Boy: abi utha uska kya! (what about…ITS awake)

Girl: Hmmmmmm

Boy: I mean abi jaga uska kya! (I mean what about…presently awaking)

Girl: kuch nai…Good night 🙂 (nothing…good night)

Boy: Gn 😦

Day: 2

Time: 11:05 PM IST

Boy: Kaise hi meri butter chicken? (How are you my butter chicken?

Girl: fine hoon, jab tak aapne nai khaaya (I’m fine, until you haven’t eaten by!)

Boy: kya kru….! Tu hai hi utni hawt, to pakad mai hi nai aati! (What to do…!! You are too hot to handle!)

Girl: Aapne pakadne ki try ki? Zara batav to kaha se pakda tha mujhe? (So you did try to catch me? Do let me know where did you hold me? )

Boy: Hmmmmmmmm

Girl: hehehe (laughs)

Boy: kya hua? (What happened?)

Girl: Kuch nai!…..Aur bolo! (nothing..say else!)

Boy: bs..busy day…pure din kaam krta raha aur teri maala japta raha! (it was a busy day….Did work for the whole day and took your name in every breathe)

Girl: itni yaad aa rahi thi to mil lete na! (If I was remembered so often, we could have met today!)

Boy: Milte to chodta nai na! :p (if we met then, I wouldn’t be able to leave you)

Girl: Hmmmmmmm



Time: 1:40 AM IST

Boy: Yaar aaj phir se dp change kr di! (again you changed your Dp!)

Girl: haa! Shaadi mai gai thi…to selfies li thi…to rak di…u wanna c, more? (Attended marriage ceremony so took a few selfies…you want to see?)

Boy: I wanna c everything!!!!!

Girl: Hmmmmmm

Boy: 😉

Girl: wait

Girl sends few selfies

Boy: traditionals mai kaafi cute dikhti hai! (You look cute in traditional wear)

Girl: so to hoon! (Yes…i’m)

Boy: chal aab! Aaja wapas!! Bahut udd liya! (Stop flying onto cloud 9…come back to ground)

Girl: kaha aavu! Aapki pakkad mai! (where should I come…as a “catch” onto you…for you?)

Boy: hehe…maa kasam! Agar pakkad mai aa gai to kaacha kha javunga! Waise backless blouse mai kuch zyaada hi sexxoooo nai lag rahi!!!! 😉 …upar se tera butterfly vala tatoo…Hmmmmm

(*laughs*….mother promise! If you are into my catch, I will eat you directly!…. And your back from the backless gown looked so sexy!…. And your butterfly tattoo…hmmmm)

Girl: Control beta!!! (Control son!)

Boy: Zara butterfly ko udne to de 😀 (let the butterfly fly!)

Girl: Hmmmmmmm



Time: 2:15 AM IST

Boy: chal sote hai yaar! (lets sleep)

Girl: Naughty ass! Puch rahe ho ya bol rahe hoon! (are you asking or saying)

Boy: *yawns* *yawns*

Girl: Good nite

Boy: Gn SEXOOO 🙂

Day: 3

Time: 10:15 PM IST

Boy: Hi!

Girl: sup?

Boy: Kal neend aa rahi thi phir bhi neend nai aai (yesterday I was feeling sleepy but didn’t sleep)

Girl: kyu? (why?)

Boy: tere saathe jo soya tha 😀 😉 (slept with…)

Girl: ok

Boy: aur bol!! (say else!)

Girl: kuch nai! (nothing!)

Boy: itna to hai tere paas! (you have so much to say!)

Boy: kuch to bol! (say something!)

Boy: Kaha gai? (Where did you go?)



Time: 11:50 PM IST

Boy: kuch to bol! (please say)

Boy: bura laga? (did you feel bad?)

Boy: I’m sorry! You know I’m a flirt and I just say. I don’t mean it!



Time: 12:15 AM IST

Boy: Ok…Good night 🙂

Boy: Sorry! If you got offended with my words. But seriously I thought you understood me very well, so I made this convo…!! I didn’t mean to hurt you!! Very sorry! *Apologies*

Later, I came to know the reason why girl didn’t reply. She had a tiff with her Bf 😀 😀 😀

So, Hetu’s! It was just a fun take over “late night chat” (That most of us have witnessed or are witnessing, currently)!!!

Thank you – for getting amused at Hetu’s!


17 thoughts on “My “3-day” love story!

    • yaaa 😦 Even the boy had the same feeling after getting to know that she already had a boyfriend 😉 😛 Moreover, the essence (message) of this Hetu was – if you are flirting with a girl, and if at all the girl responds back…then it doesn’t mean that she had fallen for you. Flirting is ok! until it’s healthy! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

        • Might be! It was my approach to send the message. May be, the next time will do it rather conventional way!
          And, the girl didn’t respond on Day: 1 (If you might have noticed it)… She responded on Day: 2 for to have a light moment! It does happen today! The boy on Day: 3 was acting as if he wanted more and more….so I ended up the Hetu in 2-state..Did the boy fall for her or didn’t? was he left heart-broken or he just went with the flow?
          And ya, thanks for sharing your thoughts…It acts as an aspiration for new bloggers like me. 🙂

          Liked by 2 people

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