A smile is enough, for the life time commitment


P.S: It’s a tale from a friend of mine’s – Mrs. Dhara. “Passion” is what I spoke after hearing her love saga. Hope you all have the same feeling. Please note a little of fiction is added from my side so the Hetu is not a perfectly 100% true story. Few facts are correct, though! Its up to you to decide…what is real and what is not! Have a smile and spread Happiness.

Commitment in relations make you feel out of the world. We conjoin, we daydream, and we survive every moment by having a world-win feeling all over the time. 6 years back I was at the same step. Enjoying my college life over studies. But, being in continuous control of my caring Daddy, at times I need to focus on study, too (Just to make him confident and proud of her girl child 🙂 )

Studying in co-ed in being the company of those mischievous boys and naughty girls have made me live comfortable with both lives – tom boy image with a pretty girl residing inside was what I’m. Yes, you can say so! It was kind from my family side to allow me live my life – talk with boys, chitchat about the new happening in the new “couple formation” etc.

It was the lecture of literature and professor was busy explaining the epic Romeo-Juliet tale – it was 3rd continuous hour of the day and professor was still stuck on the same topic “The feelings of Juliet for her Romeo!” May be, his Juliet was not showing the same kind of love to our professor Romeo, was what I felt, then 😉 Well, my mind was thinking about my prince charming and I was reciting the famous song “it’s a love-story by Taylor Swift – When you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles!!” on to my mind….and ya, from the heart, too. Suddenly, a muscular boy entered the class and took the bench very next to me. I had smiled when he took that sit. I didn’t know the reason but the smile just came by. It was my heart taking complete control of my body – defeating the obstacle mind in between – pushing the smile run more than Usain Bolt – making it visible for him and letting the smile come out of itself. But what!!! He didn’t notice my smile…or rather ignored it!!!! ATTITUDE??!!!! That was the first glimpse of my “gonnabelove”. Answering to Professor’s questions, throwing pen down, setting my bench back and forth – were my only efforts to make him notice ME. But I was going in the wrong direction may be, it seemed like he was from deaf and dumb school who had come all the way here in my classroom, sitting next to my bench, attending my lecture – just to show his model look to the rest. Again ignoring ME 😛

For the very first time I was making efforts for such a stupid thing – “To get noticed”. Actually I’m the person full of attitude and a bit reserved to initiate a conversation. But, at that time, my attitude and emotional feelings were having fights with each other and I didn’t know when my heart won the game. The lecture which seemed too long to handle got over too soon and at the same time my efforts for the day ended with disappointment.

After finishing up the so called lecture, my mind was struggling up to find the reason behind my stupid efforts to make that handsome guy notice ME. I would like to clarify that I don’t believe in “love at first sight”, so I was very sure that it was not the reason at all. Still “something” was there that was making me think – only of him 24*7. Without knowing a single information about a guy, not even his name, how can one be so thoughtful over a same thing – About “something”!!!

My bad luck was at its peak! After all, the literature lecture fell once in a week so I had to wait for a whole of 7 days to see him, again. Again, making those stupid efforts to get him noticed ME. Though I was very sure of his arrival on the next week, my eyes were still finding him desperately, all the time. Finally the week like a decade got over and my schedule for THAT day became early than ever. I woke up at 6 for the very first time and finished all my routine activities very immediately. I was ready almost an hour earlier and my mum was surprised with this unusual schedule. My wardrobe was full of favorite clothes with a messy look, still I was able to find none as perfect for that day. Trying each one of them turn-by-turn, I finally could manage one with my favorite color “pink”. Dressing up like – I was going to be a part of a fashion show, I went to college 10 minutes earlier.

The desperation to see him now had one more reason in the kitty- to recollect the puzzled pieces of his cute looks. The clock was taking the most time to finish those 5 minutes to ring the lecture bell. Being eagle eyed, finally I had a royal glimpse of the prince charming on a white horse, not exactly!! He was getting closer providing me the eye easy feeling. “Hey, lecture cancelled?” he asked and I got waxed, but with a cool look I said “I don’t know”. “Can I have your contact number to better ask you for the lecture before leaving home?” Without a second thought, a happy “Yes” from me. Exchanging numbers did not take more than 2 minutes and he waved me goodbye. I was still in a strong crave for his smile. After a walk for almost 3 meters or lesser, he looked back and SMILED……saying “see you soon on phone”. This single moment made me go wow. That single smile made my day and further built my life. This was the very first seed of love planted in my heart. Still I was having the question, why I was craving madly for his smile! For him! Was he having the same feelings in his heart?” Hope the answer to be a bigger YES.

Every smile has a meaning….Watch meticulously and respond rightly, Hetu’s!!!!!



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