The Room!


I’m back!

Sorry for not posting since months.

The thing is – I was locked in a room…a room filled with work, family, friends, issues, chaos, love, care, hate, and what not!

Today, as I look back, I remember that particular room. Interestingly, I was bombarded with a question…”Who bought me to this room?”

And, suddenly from nowhere I was questioned at office today – YOU ARE STILL LIVING IN SHARED ROOM?

So, today’s discussion is all about “THE ROOM”

Recently, I got engaged to the love of my life – a perfect bride, a charming princess, a honest wife and awesome reviewer! How it happened, when it happened etc. will get answered in the later blogs. I lived in a room along with my office mates as earning and living in this 21st century is only possible through sharing – almost in all relations, now 😉 So, after my engagement I went to office, as my normal schedule. Office mates congratulated me…some asked for party (just to get free drinks) and so on…In meanwhile, a new joinee questioned – “you are still living in a shared room?”

I went flabbergasted!

So, I turned this question into conversation and here is how it went –

Me: Why should I have a room, I already have one for me. It’s on sharing basis with our colleagues Raju, Ramu and Ratan! Why a new room ONLY for me, now?

She: But, you are committed to the love of your life, now?

Me: So..??

She: So what! You should have your own room so that you can share your golden time with her more effectively

Me: I’m enjoying my so called “Golden Time”

She: OK..tell me what you do?

Me: I visit her house, she visit mine’s. We go on date, watch movies, share our thoughts, discuss, fights and so on

She: Are you getting privacy for love?

Me: Love…? I love her and she loves me. What’s private in that?

She: Privacy…hehehe!!! How you show love?

Me: Sometimes, when I’m tired, I visit her house. She makes strong tea for me. We both sit in balcony together. Sipping the tea I share what I felt and she comforts me with her motivational words. Same in the case when she needs me… we go to some café – order tea and talk

She: where’s the privacy… where’s the love!

Me: This is love, girl! Talking…sharing…caring…trusting! You know that when the whole world will be against you then there will be SHE standing right by your side. It’s because of love

She: Ohhh no nooo!! This is common! You need privacy to do lovely-doddly talks – make your breathing high  while talking – sharing a kiss, making love, etc etc

Me: hahaha Girl! In that case what’s the requirement of room?

She: to make out – simple!

Me: Darling…love is not just making out. Love means share – care – trust. Walking from parking to store while holding hands is a form of love; Going from kitchen to drawing room with a pleasant smile is a form of love; sleeping together while holding her hair is a form of love; hugging now and then and planting a kiss of luck is a form of love; I mean – love doesn’t require privacy unless the relation is strong. Because, if there is compatibility and understanding, then there’s nothing to hide in a relation. Talking of intimacy, holding hands, hair, hugging, kissing etc. are part of relation and we are going strong in that case!

She: OK, your definition of love is too high to understand!

Me: I know I’m old fashioned, but the love which you are referring will last for days, may be months or years. But, our love is till our last breathe.

She: Cheers!

Me: God bless you!!

Thank you – for understanding my love,
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