Mirrors are one of the most philosophical subjects in the world. So much and so on is been written on them. Today, I thought of writing a story on our favourite philosophical subject – MIRROR!

Yesterday, my friend posted a photo on Facebook titled “WRONG”. Let’s talk about the photo, now! Photo said –

My friend was driving and his dog who is his family member was just viewing the scenic beauty from the back seat. But, the face of his family member was just little outside of that back seat’s window. His family member’s face was viewed in the driver’s side glass. My friend took a photo of it. The photo had car’s side mirror with his family member and a tagline. This tagline is always seen in side mirrors of vehicle which reads – “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” I understood the whole meaning of picture and his title which he wrote i.e. WRONG. He meant to prove that his family member is much much closer to him. It showed his love and affection towards his family member. I was touched by his gesture and I went to his place for positive vibes.

My friend greeted me with same love and affection that he has for me. We both had a small talk. I told him that yesterday I got blessed with a younger brother and we have given him the name TOM on temporary basis. To my utter surprise the first sentence he spoke before congratulations was, “Areeey! Tom to mere Kutte ka naam hai” (Hahaha! Tom is the name of my Dog) With this one sentence, his family member became kutta (Dog) for him. With this one sentence he lost all respect in front of me. With this one sentence he proved how show-off he was!

My dear Hetu’s,

Are we just left with show-offs on Social Media in today’s world? We need to have real feelings – real trust – real respect for one another.

Let’s just say, REAL us with real thoughts should be seen on our Social Media rather than reel Social Media with REEL us.

And ya! This story stuck to my mind when I was looking at the mirror 😉

Thank you – for looking on to mirror! But, SEE YOURSELF 🙂