A Letter!

8 November is special as it’s my birthday. But, 8 November of year 2015 was path breaking. I lied to my parents, friends and colleagues for a beautiful truth. On that day, I travelled to another city just to meet a girl, whom I was about to get married – an arranged marriage. None of our family members were aware about this secret meeting. The secret meeting turned into a transparent one as we came to the conclusion of “Yes, you are the one!”  Got engaged to the same girl in 2016; got married to the same girl in 2017.

Now coming to the present, we had a sweet tiff before few days to my birthday. And yes, I’m talking of the year 2017 so don’t confuse yourself. On my birthday, she gave me a beautiful gift, decorated the room with balloons, lights & pictures, and had put a smile on her face which was acting as a catalyst to her beauty. I loved it. As a return gift, I decided to go in a conventional way. Feelings being intangible is sometimes not heard or seen. So, I gave her a slice of our journey – the moments. The moments carried our experiences of love, trust and care in written. She kissed after reading it and felt sorry for tiff. Even I told her sorry for an extra kiss. This A4 sized tangible thing carried most of the intangibles necessary for a relation.

Thank you Hetu’s for reading my letter!

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