Don’t pray, rather talk with God – 2

Sorry for making you wait. But what to do? The Young old man was still laughing!!

Who the hell is THE YOUNG OLD MAN? (Oh! you just forgot to read the first part of the story)

OK!! Let’s begin 

The young old man after laughing for a while took a sip of something. That something had the color of water but was not water! That something had bubbles in it but was not a soft drink! That something  had an odd smell but the man drank with full interest! That something had energized the man but was not an energy drink!

I thought to myself; rather biting nails and giving a long thought process about what that something was! Its better to directly ask the young old man about what was he drinking. (I can do this much of now, since i made him laugh out loud with my answer  ) To my question he did reply with a single word…VODKA, and further didn’t speak about it since he was drinking in Gujarat (Gujarat is a dry state in honor of Mahatma Gandhi). Even I didn’t mind asking him further since he has all the rights with his life and the body. But, I asked the reason for why did he laugh at my answer (which I thought to be 100% true – trust me, the effort I made to answer the question was almost equal to that of my answer during practical C programming vivas  ) about who is God.

“Son, You mentioned that God lies within. That means God is in everyone of us. If he is with us then that means today at this moment, at this time he’s traveling with us. You prayed for a happy journey and I talked with God”.

“But what did you say?”. I asked eagerly

“Let’s go for a happy journey from Ahmadabad to Bhavnagar. Will enjoy the journey and yes, don’t forget to add this as another memorable journey in our kitty”

I was shocked. He did speak with God as if I talk with my friend. I asked him the question, Why? why did he speak, rather pray?

He replied:

“If we human beings are saying God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Then, we ourselves are not living by it. Suppose you start talking with God then there will come a moment whereby you will feel God as the other name to your family; other name to your friend; other name to your boss/teacher; other name to any other person. This is because, talking with God has turned to be your daily habit. Implementing this will make you motivational, Inspirational and Disciplined. You will think twice before doing bad since your friend God is with you; if you do bad means even God is doing bad! Further my Angel, (Oh! the young old man started referring me as Angel… vodka effect or the situation  ) sometimes, when you feel low, dull, sad or say not happy and you desperately want to share with someone about what you are feeling currently, then no need to worry since you can speak to your daily 24*7 friend…THE GOD. Speaking to him will motivate you for a happy living. If you are taking risks in life (The positive one’s) and needs support, he’s with you in your every step since you have at least informed to 1 person about your risk, its consequences, its effects. God is the reason for whatever character we live by. He is the passenger while traveling, colleague at office, family at home, and friend for life. Talking with him will make you positive for the good, negative for the bad molding over all character of yourself.”

“Oh! so you mean drinking vodka in a dry state is fair?”

“It’s not about fair/unfair, good/bad, right/wrong. Moreover, its you who judged the scenario; neither God, nor me. I had told to God that will have a sip of 1/2 while traveling. To which God replied at your own risk. This means if I get caught its my fault, and I’m responsible for it”.

His answer drained my heart completely. I smiled and asked the final question “Uncle! I now understand why you talk with God, Who is God to you, What does God mean to you..but, one final question. Do you ask God to accomplish your wishes?”

I don’t ask, I share. If its my wish to buy my dream car – range rover Evoque, I talk to God that we would work harder and there will come one day in life whereby I would take you for the long drive in my self-owned Evoque”

The young old man gave me a short, yet relevant reply and I understood it, since he took the name of Evoque which is my dream car, too. The rest of the journey passed with my regular conversation with the young old man about studies, career, goals etc. But I did ask him the reason for replying to my questions in such an honest and fruitful way. He told that his habit of speaking with God is known by almost everyone of his near and dear ones. They laugh, make fun, or ignore the situation. I was the first to ask him about HIS TALK WITH GOD.

His answer made me emotional and humble. Was he?…Just another human being who wishes to bring change for a Happy living!

I told the young old man to pass the vodka to which he said “at your own risk!”. But no worries, I talked with God about me having Vodka of the young old man’s 

Thank you – for coming here!

By Het Vaghela

Marketer by profession | Writer by heart | Creative by deeds | Innovator by views

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