In dilemma with LOVE

Quick Referrals:

*Bhang: prepared from the leaves and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant

*Maha Shivaratri: a Hindu festival celebrated annually in reverence of the god Shiva.

*Shiva: a popular Hindu deity

*Daksha: king, son of Lord Brahma

*Sati: Daughter of Daksha

*Parvati: Wife of Lord Shiva, Hindu Goddess

Today is Maha Shivratri. May lord Shiva bless us with success, joy and hope we always move towards spreading happiness.

Yes, I know it’s late, but I was finding out the reason for something. I observed, I thought and then, I slept. Lately, I found what I actually wanted to – while having a cup of tea with Dad, yesterday.

The sun rays perfectly lighted the outdoors of our gallery making it shine like pearls in the beautiful ocean. Dad called out mother for the morning tea but mom was running short with her schedule of visiting the temple. Today she even had the reason since it was Maha Shivratri. Dad called mom but saw me at the gallery. He was busy with the world’s perfect combination – tea and the newspaper. Suddenly, I broke his link by shouting, “Hey Dad whatsup! We would rather have bhang over this tea, today!”

Dad just smiled and replied, “My bond with tea is same as Lord Shiva’s bond with bhang!”

“Okay!” I replied in dilemma. (my 1st dilemma of the day!)

“So Dad! How did you spend your Valentine which was 3 days back? Did you take mom for a dinner? A movie? A long ride?” I inquired because I wanted to know the so called “generation gap”.

Dad gazed. I got afraid. I thought “Did I just step into their personal matter?” (my 2nd dilemma of the day!)

“We had a morning tea, as you are having with me now! We visited to your nana’s house. Then, she cooked jeera rice and dal fry. At evening we went to the café. Had cappuccino and later went for a new Amitabh Bachchan’s movie.”

“Oh! You almost did the same as you do during regulars!”

“What do you mean?” 

He asked this in little shyness and bit loud. May be he had taken my words to the tripleX level 

I went in dilemma (my 3rd dilemma of the day!)

“So, how was your valentine, son?”

“I proposed the girl. Veronica! You remember? She said yes with a kiss and then we were together which didn’t turned to be………..forever!” 

Dad couldn’t control the laugh and asked the reason. I was blank. Didn’t know what to reply and How to reply! I and veronica broke up within 72 hours of my proposal, or may be within 4318 minutes of our first kiss.

I just made a sad face. Oh! Wait. I didn’t make. I was sad already, ACTUALLY!

After a minute of silence Dad did speak out something! May be this “something” was the reason for something that I was finding on Valentines.

“Look Son! Today’s love is not love but a mere attraction. You are having a question ‘how’? But wait, let me finish. I used to stay in hostel which was situated 3 houses away from your nana’s home. Being unmarried I looked at your mother every single day. We made eye-to-eye contacts. Exchanged smiles. Well, I did smile at her and she smiled in return. Was it for me? I didn’t know then, but surely it was for me. Her hairs used to be messy, while her glow equally glittering & pleasant. Every time I saw her, she would be carrying some or the other thing in her hands. Really!!! It was a treat in watching her. Wished I become carry bag, then. Did she use to carry things or did she carry charm within? I’m yet to figure this out! As moon is to sky, charm is to her beauty. Her regular work made her toned, fair and healthy. It was 14th Feb 1987. She came out of her house for buying vegetables. I was hiding behind the trifoliate bel tree and seeing her out of the house I rushed to her; hold her hand and….And I proposed. Watch out! I didn’t even knew her name. But there was something which was invisible – but got clicked. There was something which was not imagined – but was done. There was something which was never meant – but got accomplished. Seeing my proposal your mom left away with a smile, but without giving the answer. And, the next day your nana called me home. We had a talk, I shared my feelings, family to your mom’s family and finally things turned out positive and we got married”.

I mean what the fuccccc…..kkkkkk. In today’s world if I propose a girl directly without even knowing her name I will be dead shit! “Name” comes later on to the list, but without knowing her “track” record if I directly propose her, then I will have myself cut into pieces, just like cake – the next day. (You better know which “track” I’m talking about  ) It became little hard to digest the situation of a boy, proposing to a girl – without even knowing her name! May be my father was having bhang instead of tea in the early morning!

I was in dilemma (my 4th dilemma of the day!)

To clear the air Dad further added, –

“That ‘something’ is TRUST.


Noun: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
“Relations have to be built on trust”

It was my trust in love – “your mother”, that she understood my feelings which I showed to her while making eye-to-eye contacts. It was my trust in love that I got guts to propose her without hesitation. Today by the time boy acquire guts to propose, girl already might have got mingled with some other. How can you wish to have a relationship if you are not even able to show it to the one – who is part of your relationship? Just as the “law of energy”, love can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another. During the time of propose my love got transferred in hers and hers in mine. Thus, we became one, through this transformation…and the proposal played a major role. Your world, Errr…..not all…but…Ahhh….don’t understand the importance of proposal. For you ‘proposal’ is boy – girl saying I love you to each other, a kiss, clubbing and a perfect end to bedroom. So, how can you expect a relation to survive which already got ended before the commitments?”

I got stunned. Now I was out of one dilemma but entered the new one. (My 5th dilemma of the day!)

I had a question: Whether this type of relations are possible today? Whether this type of relations had been before?

My Dad knew that I had a question to ask. So he asked me what I was thinking about. I just said, “Is it….?” And stopped in the middle. As I didn’t know what exactly to ask!

He replied after seeing my facial expressions –

“Lord Shiva is known as Mahadev – God of God’s. Prajapati Daksha’s daughter Sati rose in love with Mahadev. But Daksha was against the marriage. He found Shiva as an enemy. He insulted, cursed and did the worst of the worst against Shiva. But, Shiva calmly responded with deeds, harmony and best of the best thoughts on survival towards love. Because, he know Sati is going to marry him and will overcome the hurdles & obstacles that lie between them. It happened. After marriage, fights and clashes happened but it’s a whole different story. Later, Sati took birth as Parvati and entered the world. Yes! It was Reincarnation of Sati. Shiva knew that she is Sati. Parvati realized that Shiva is her husband. They both again got married today with all the rituals. And that’s why your favourite Author Amish Tripathi describes Lord Shiva as “Charismatic Lover!” One more thing! On the day of Maha Shivratri, Shiva consumed poison to save the world. He knew it was not going to harm him. His strength and powers would arrest the poison to the throat itself, restricting it from entering into the body completely. And that’s the reason Shiva is known as ‘The blue throated’. By the way you got enough dose of mythology today, my son! Now you might get the real meaning of the relations, the bonds, and the togetherness. And, you might even know the reason of why knowing nothing earns success than in knowing the complete biography of a partner in relationships. You might even know the lacking point”

Dad punched me right. “The lacking point”. I realized trust plays a vital role in a relationship. It was trust of my dad on his love, that my mom knew he loved her. It was trust of my dad towards mom, that she too loved him. It was trust of my mom on his love that it will reach to its desired destination. It was trust of my mom towards dad, that he would propose her one day. Mythological facts on trust towards “love” and “oneself” do hold true in today’s world. May be, that’s why we need to follow, talk, share and learn from Gods.

So, Hetu’s it was my thought on how I could blend love with spirituality. Beg your pardon if it hurt the sentiments and beliefs. I wrote with one aim – “love truly and, trust wisely”

Hope this month of love and the coming months, always shower joy and happiness on mankind. Amin!

Thank you – for the read!

By Het Vaghela

Marketer by profession | Writer by heart | Creative by deeds | Innovator by views

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