It’s called LOVE!

What is love?


Saying some one “I love you” requires guts to showcase your feeling. But, the actual test of love starts once you are in love. You need to develop the quality (criteria) of love within you. And it’s these qualities; that defines love. I witnessed one such quality called “Compatibility” when I saw a couple celebrating their 54th wedding Anniversary!

Mr. Jayntilal Gohal is 75 years young now! Today he is recognized and referred as “MY DEAR JAYU” in the world of Gujarati literature. Spent early childhood in a village, he moved towards the city life for a better education. Graduated in the field of Gujarati Literature, he took teaching as a profession. His orthodox parents finalized to Tie My Dear Jayu’s knot with Ms. Jasumati darji.

Ms. Jasumati is 3 years younger to Mr. Jayntilal. She was completely a village girl with tribal tattoos craved in her hands and legs. Studied till class 3, ready for the marriage. She had characteristics of sweet voice, helpful nature and a royal delightful attitude. As per orders Jasumati was ready for the marriage. Both families were happy and ready for the celebration. But, there was one person dissatisfied, unhappy. Who? Jayntilal. Why? Because Jasumati was not even 18 years old!

Somehow, Jayentilal managed to convince both the families that let Jasumati turn 18 and they will get married. Thanks to Jayentilal’s city life – for delaying the marriage!

Finally both got married. And yes, the boy didn’t take girl in a lavish limousine but a bullock kart   So, people say “opposite attracts”, which I think holds true after seeing this relationship. Jayentilal – highly educated, city man and on the other hand Jasumati – poorly educated, village girl.

So, what’s the reason behind still going strong Happy relationship?




“a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict.”

It was immerse love towards one another, which made them compatible, I guess 

“Sarudiniyaji!” I heard the voice. And Jayntilal just handed the glass (I guess, it was red wine) to Sarudiniyaji. I mean Jasumati. Jayntilal while handing glass to Jasumati didn’t miss chance to hold the hand of hers for 3 seconds of love. Jasumati clearly knew the reason for Jayntilal’s call and she just smiled in reply. Because, even she felt the warmth of Jayntilal’s hands.

Seeing this, I asked Jayntilal the reason for their 54 year long relationship in the age – where spending even 54 hours turns close to impossible. Jayntilal called Sarudiniyaji from her busy work (who was cleaning the glass of red wine) and made her sit beside him. He placed his right hand on Jasumti’s shoulder showcasing a gesture of love. And then, he started!

“At start of our relation, Our love developed by making my love understand the standards of city life since she never saw a city before. Then, we got blessed with a baby boy. Today we are happy to see our generation happy and blessed in their own life. So, after coming from the college, I use to sing songs like “lag ja gale, k dil abi bhara nai” (Hug me because my heart is craving for more) and I used to get hugs from her and my growing baby. She used to cook food and I, carrying our baby use to help her with the best of I can. Although, I used to see my sexy wife making food for us, my concentration lied in how she used to put her lock behind the ears. The lock did create the disturbance for her, but always acted as catalyst for me.”

Jasumtiji did the same gesture. Again, not intentionally, but situational. Jayntilal immediately planted a kiss on her forehand and continued –

“Knowing what you feel is better for a relationship, but getting to know your partner’s feeling is the best. Accordingly, you can find a middle solution and move forward with the journey of love”

I was flabbergasted by this short and sweet reply which Jayntilal just told after planting a kiss (May be, it was the after effect  ) I couldn’t control my emotion and asked for a pic. The reply even astonished me further. They said, “we had tried SELFIES, but doesn’t replicate our emotion, hence take a picture of our’s, son”. I told to smile and showcase love. Listening this Jasumatiji blushed perfectly.

Thus, after having a soft drink, I left for my journey towards happiness 

Jayntilal Gohel aka My Dear Jayu is my Nana (My mother’s Father) and Jasumati aka Sarudiniyaji is my Nani. They just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary on this 7th February 2014 – the month of love. The above still is from the anniversary celebration, that we had had on that day.

Bidding Sayonara, I asked, “How did you fall in love?” And the reply I got was “WE DIDN’T FALL IN LOVE, WE ARE ALWAYS RISING FROM LOVE IN LIFE”.

Thank you – for reading lovely story!

By Het Vaghela

Marketer by profession | Writer by heart | Creative by deeds | Innovator by views

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