Letters of Love – 1

Hi Fattipoo,

Call it my love for you or my urge for getting up locked again!

Judge me for my decency towards you or for my rudeness with others!


I’m in love with you; since the time of your 1st drink to my current beating heartbeat. Yes the heartbeat which is making me live – just to love you more!

I always had a silent crush on you. But was afraid of relationships, commitments – for some or the other reason. My fear did get disappear after listening to your silent whispers; at the time you got drunk at vicky’s farmhouse. Co’z it was you, not me expressing the feeling of love. In those 3 minutes, you mentioned each and every single feeling of my love towards you, which I thought was never ever been noticed. Hearing your talk, my emotion took a drastic change from “fear to love” to “love to love you more, now”. (Was it a new tongue-twister?)

I could have called you and made you remember one of our most cherished moment but I wanted it to be memorable, so scribbling it through letter.

You – your eyes half-open. One hand was calling me for the support and the other hand was busy holding lime to your lips. I was sitting beside you. You were squeezing the lime and I was thinking of turning to be lime in my next birth  Your situation was turning out little worse, so I held my shoulder towards your left, thinking – you lie on it and continue with your lime activity. You did exactly the same, as imagined. Suddenly your eyes opened ffffaaaaaarrrr wide.

It was like a pearl in the ocean. Little drops of water at corners, and perfectly round bluish-green retinas at the middle. You straight away looked in my eyes. I was boozing. Yes, was having Budweiser on my right hand but, my left hand was rubbing or better say smoothing your back just to make you sleep calmly without a puke. While looking towards me, I guess you were conveying me something! A heart2heart conversation. That’s the reason I heard what you spoke since I relate our hearts together and more closer, too. Hehe…sounds funny! And then, we had a kiss after 2-2.5 minutes of stare without uttering a single word. And I must say, my lips were squeezed better than that of the lime!

After the kiss you did speak 1 sentence, “pass me the water, please”. And to my pleasant surprise you referred to me with “please”. I had never heard this word for me from you. You became calm, silent, and little uncontrollable – since you were fighting with the sleep! You had your piece of water & kiss, and slept lying on my shoulder itself. I was back with my Budweiser and not thinking about the moment at that particular moment. I just wanted to remain happy, enjoy the feeling of being loved by my love and cherish the moment.

And ya, I bet I clearly understood our heart2heart conversation which I would convey in the next letter. Sorry my future mother-in-law if the letter by chance reaches to you.

Lots of love fattipoo 

Thank you – for reading love!

By Het Vaghela

Marketer by profession | Writer by heart | Creative by deeds | Innovator by views

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