Letters of Love – 2

Hi Dumboo,

Some of the best thoughts should get written over on the paper. Today, what I will mention through this will leave you sailing on the ocean of happy hope! Feeling rhapsodized as it’s my first attempt in 7 years to show love in the form of a letter.

I know you love pasta and you know I love noodles. I know you love chocolates and you know I love ice cream. I know you love mountains and you know I love beaches. But, most importantly what matters is I know you love me and you know I love you.

I was wondering about that particular ingredient which is making our relationship stronger, spicier and smoother with years passing by. Suddenly, my mind got stuck on one particular feeling called PASSION! And, I started recognizing how we are passionately taking our life to the next level!

Your desire for long drives and me wanting you to hold me tightly during those rides. That’s called Passion! Your biting on my ear as a gesture of hot romance and me craving for the lips of yours. That’s called Passion. You call me immediately after your office hours and I reach the spot – leaving my work half done only for to drop you at home is called Passion. However, I come because you hold me tight from behind while having the ride. I could sense you completely, deeply. 

So, I guess it’s the passion that’s making our relation more interesting by the years passing by. You are turning out to be more and more beautiful as the minutes pass by. Seriously saying, I love your thin flamingo neck the most. I love to hold it for hours. I enjoy being with you, hugging you tightly and planting kisses all over – the best I can. We are really growing passionately. Thankyou my love for supporting, understanding and respecting me.


I have one complain to make!

We fight. But I take the first step…say sorry and then we make out! No, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t fight. We should. Fights are important part of relationship. Fights make relationship livelier. But my problem lies in my “sorry part”. While I will be busy saying you sorry, holding your hand and lovingly pushing you towards me; you do hug me – as passionately as you use to hug me past 7 years. But, I could see tears rolling down your eyes and lips apologizing, when you make the first eye-to-eye contact. Not letting you cry more, I just give you a sweet smooch. Because I want you to stop dropping pearl like tears from your lovely-wibly-bibly big dark brown eyes. I have problem with that tears. Why you cry? Is it a form of regression? If yes, then please stop regretting because as I mentioned before Fights are parts of relationship.

You are hyper, I’m cool that’s why we are a perfect combo of “sweet & spice!” Understand this my Dumboo! I respect your anger, your short-tempered nature, and your hyper-sensitive activities – the same way you understand mine cool, calm and collected behavior. So, I want your promise on promise day that you will not change….you will fight, you will make love, you will be doing what you feel like; but will never regret in our relationship.

P.S: Please, Don’t start crying after reading this. I feel sad when I see you cry and if you cry after reading this – I will go mad since it would be “I” making you cry!

Love you to the core. I’m fine. Company conference will get over by tomorrow. We will be together on bed within 2 minutes of my reach at home. Or say any place of your choice!!! 

I know you will be killing me for writing this, but that’s called PASSION.

Always yours,

*You are free to share your ideas about “love” at het_vaghela@yahoo.com

Thank you – for Passionately spending time, here!

By Het Vaghela

Marketer by profession | Writer by heart | Creative by deeds | Innovator by views

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