That moment of togetherness for one last time!

Finally, I was about to reach home and break the company of soaring sun who was my sole companion for 8 kms. With all sweat, I finally entered home with a sigh of relief. My mother laughed looking at me. May be, it was my stinking sweat which made her laugh. But, then she gave me an envelope.  It read as: “Kindly delight the day with your presence on Nikchini wedding”. I, without having a glass of water directly started reading it. My heart beats were at dead speed.

Nikchini is my friend. We got introduced by our common friend who was my crazy-close school friend during school days. I used to flirt with Nikchini a lot. Being completely aware about the fact that I will not commit to a relation she still – gave birth to love in her heart. She did confess the feelings by planting a small kiss on my cheek…but, I didn’t accept the relation. It was not that I didn’t like her – I liked her and that’s why I flirted! And, I flirt only with the beautiful girls  Why I told NO even I don’t know! It was because I wasn’t ready. And, I’m not ready to change the decision even if she confesses me on her wedding day! So, I should be happy seeing her wedding invitation because she had moved forward in her life, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t sad, either!

Even while being in the same city we had hardly met for 7-8 times in 18 months and had rarely made mobile communications – still she managed to develop the love! May be it was like whenever we met, we hit the right chord of relationship. What type of relation it was or it is – even I don’t know! But, we were always together – a type of “heart-2-heart connection”. While remembering my past I thought I have 2 weeks to decide – whether to go for a wedding or not?

I didn’t go for the wedding. I even forgot the wedding date. I was surfing Facebook and suddenly saw the picture of hers on her wedding day which was today. She was looking like a royal princess. That moment itself I took a half leave from the office and left for my room. I was alone. No thoughts in mind. I was blank.

Tears were dropping from my eyes – sad or happy; I don’t know! Finally, after earning courage I called my crazy-close school friend who went for Nikchini’s wedding. She didn’t pick the call. 1 call, 2 calls, 5 calls, 12 calls…but no reply from her side. I was blank again. I started weeping badly and made the 13th call.


“Hi! Het!”

“Hello my crazy-close friend…I’m missing you”

“Is my voice sounding like your Crazy-close friend?”

And, suddenly I realized it was Nikchini. She told that my crazy-close friend had gone for the dinner leaving behind the cell phone at the room itself. I suddenly started feeling happy all over again! But, was I sad before making this 13th call? – I don’t know

My tone got changed and I congratulated her for the new beginning. I even complemented her bridal look as I saw her pic on Facebook. She said thanks with a little sad feeling since I couldn’t make it to the wedding.

At the time of “bye” my heart skipped for a second but she made us stay together, forever. How? Because, she made me survive in her heart, for a lifetime – “A heart-inside-heart connection!”

Thank you – for your happy support

By Het Vaghela

Marketer by profession | Writer by heart | Creative by deeds | Innovator by views

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