The “Happy HETU” club

happy hetu

“HAPPINESS” – We will define it!

Happiness is what we wish in every doing; Happiness is what we crave for since the start until the last kiss of the day 😛; Happiness is what we expect from work (Apart from money 😉 ); Happiness is what we enjoy from movies, friends, family, surroundings etc; In short, we all want to be…HAPPY in some or the other way! And, we pretty much succeed in gaining happiness. I do agree everyday is not the same for everyone…sometimes we do find sadness in between. As said, “Failure is the stepping stone to success”; the same goes for Happiness – Sadness, too!

But, what if we start being happy during our sad moments too?


I know this question is nonsensical at first, but believe me we are Hetu’s – We bring change, we say nonsense which makes sense later, and most importantly we spread happiness. Therefore, we are HAPPY HETU’S.

Coming back to our question – Yes! It is possible to stay happy during our dull moments, too.


Just 2 words: “Spread Happiness”.

Did you ever find the reason for why we do charity? Why  we convey condolences to the family who lost their dear member? Why we swap the channels if we find something dull in watching? Why we are always finding reason for the party?…the answer is simple – we want to be happy and firmly spread happiness, too!

If you are sad then ENGAGE YOURSELF! Read Happiness, discard sadness. Initiate yourself with the activity; While you are sad you will try your best to spread smile on someone’s face. Seeing that smile you will forget your sadness and you will feel happy! Thus, the answer to all the above question is simple – spread happiness.

That’s what I’m doing 😉

My dear Hetu’s, in order to spread happiness, we need to be happy first. That’s the reason for this Hetu (our blog). You read – be happy – and later spread the same happiness with others, too. That’s my solely effort.

We created Facebook Page with the name “HAPPYHETU“. Do visit it and yes we are planning for guest posts. Inbox me your writing – the sole should be happiness. After reviewing it, your post would be visible on facebook page named “HAPPYHETU” with your tag and over this blog too.

We are always welcoming happiness, may be we are hungry for it 😉

Happily Your’s
Thank you for productively using 7 mins at Hetu’s


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