A Letter!

8 November is special as it’s my birthday. But, 8 November of year 2015 was path breaking. I lied to my parents, friends and colleagues for a beautiful truth. On that day, I travelled to another city just to meet a girl, whom I was about to get married – an arranged marriage. None of our family members were aware about this secret meeting. The secret meeting turned into a transparent one as we came to the conclusion of “Yes, you are the one!”  Got engaged to the same girl in 2016; got married to the same girl in 2017.

Now coming to the present, we had a sweet tiff before few days to my birthday. And yes, I’m talking of the year 2017 so don’t confuse yourself. On my birthday, she gave me a beautiful gift, decorated the room with balloons, lights & pictures, and had put a smile on her face which was acting as a catalyst to her beauty. I loved it. As a return gift, I decided to go in a conventional way. Feelings being intangible is sometimes not heard or seen. So, I gave her a slice of our journey – the moments. The moments carried our experiences of love, trust and care in written. She kissed after reading it and felt sorry for tiff. Even I told her sorry for an extra kiss. This A4 sized tangible thing carried most of the intangibles necessary for a relation.

Thank you Hetu’s for reading my letter!

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Dear Hetu’s,

Recently, I came across a sentence which really made me think “Did I grow?”

Now a days, people are inclined more towards professional growth (they have even forgotten the meaning of personal growth, I guess!) So, talking of professionalism I would like to question every individual out there whether they had grown professionally or not! And yes, growth for me is not only more money making and then more and more money making. It’s something else!

In my previous company, if there is a failure our boss used to address us and say, “we are change agents. we need to change with time. More sooner we change, sooner we will kiss success”.

In my present company, if there is a failure, our boss used to address us and say, “we are change leaders. we need to change the time. More sooner we change, sooner we will kiss success”.

I could clearly see my growth. From Agent to Leader within 2 years!

Please feel free to write in comments about CHANGE! Because the next write-up might be linked with this one 😉

Thank you Hetu’s for being my best friends,

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Mirrors are one of the most philosophical subjects in the world. So much and so on is been written on them. Today, I thought of writing a story on our favourite philosophical subject – MIRROR!

Yesterday, my friend posted a photo on Facebook titled “WRONG”. Let’s talk about the photo, now! Photo said –

My friend was driving and his dog who is his family member was just viewing the scenic beauty from the back seat. But, the face of his family member was just little outside of that back seat’s window. His family member’s face was viewed in the driver’s side glass. My friend took a photo of it. The photo had car’s side mirror with his family member and a tagline. This tagline is always seen in side mirrors of vehicle which reads – “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” I understood the whole meaning of picture and his title which he wrote i.e. WRONG. He meant to prove that his family member is much much closer to him. It showed his love and affection towards his family member. I was touched by his gesture and I went to his place for positive vibes.

My friend greeted me with same love and affection that he has for me. We both had a small talk. I told him that yesterday I got blessed with a younger brother and we have given him the name TOM on temporary basis. To my utter surprise the first sentence he spoke before congratulations was, “Areeey! Tom to mere Kutte ka naam hai” (Hahaha! Tom is the name of my Dog) With this one sentence, his family member became kutta (Dog) for him. With this one sentence he lost all respect in front of me. With this one sentence he proved how show-off he was!

My dear Hetu’s,

Are we just left with show-offs on Social Media in today’s world? We need to have real feelings – real trust – real respect for one another.

Let’s just say, REAL us with real thoughts should be seen on our Social Media rather than reel Social Media with REEL us.

And ya! This story stuck to my mind when I was looking at the mirror 😉

Thank you – for looking on to mirror! But, SEE YOURSELF 🙂
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Happy New Year, Friend!


The Year 2016,

Hope you are doing well in the last days of your life. I was interacting with some of our colleagues, namely Time and Memories. They complained that you are going too early from their life. Feeling sad about you mate!

But, the problem is –

In this busy world, everyone is up to some or other thing. People are racing among themselves to reach at their own destinations. (Even if, their destinations are different from one another) So the problem is they are not giving time to themselves to create memories and hence they curse us, i.e.  you my dear friend 2016. They curse us by saying – it was a bad year, or the year went so fast!

My expectation is –

Hope people realise that they need to give time to themselves.

Hope they realise that the real happiness lies in creating memories which gets remembered in the coming years.

Hope they spend time with families and friends.

Hope they stop worrying about past/future and enjoy the present.

My concern is –

I know at the end it’s all going to be same. They cursed 2015, 2016 and in future they will curse me, too! But my dear friend, it’s not our fault it’s theirs. We did our work. We provided them with 365 awesome days. It was up to them to nurture it in their own way. Hence, I feel pity for you. You did all that you can.

Thank you my dear friend for your tenure and hope people realise the value of ours.

Wish me luck as my tenure on earth will start from 1st Jan.

And, by the way Happy New Year!

Let’s create a happy world with the support of happy people or say hetu’s.

Always yours,
Year 2017

Thank you Hetu’s – Happy New Year!
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Ae Dil hai Mushkil???


Ae Dil hai Mushkil

Much said, much written, much criticised, much acknowledged, much loved, much hate etc. All for a single particular entity – “Ae Dil hai Muskil”

Dear Karan Sir,


What the fuck you just made?

I mean how can you change your own definition of DOSTI? In 1998 you told “Pyaar dosti hai” in Kuch Kuch hota hai and after 18 years you are saying “Pyaar mai junoon hai, dosti mai sukoon hai” in Ae Dil hai Muskil….? In short, you separated pyaar and dosti! How come, Sir? I grownup watching Kuch Kuch hota hai and you will not believe that I get angry only when kuch kuch hota hai is coming on Star gold (to be specific as star broadcasts it more than anyone else) and someone crosses the line between me and the TV. I almost know all the dialogues from Rahul to Anjali to Tina to Dadi to even Firoz….? Now, please you yourself remember who is firoz, right? But, after watching Ae Dil hai Mushkil I thought, should I believe in the dialogue of Kuch Kuch hota hai or Ae Dil hai Mushkil! What the fuck you just made?

Your concrete “the Karan Johar fan base” got distributed because few still believe in 1998 while few started believing in 2016.

I went for the movie with my parents with high hopes – Karan Johar fim, superb music and rumours of SRK making a guest appearance. But wait…wait…what I saw in 3 hours one boy loves one gal. And, that gal loves the other boy. And, then she dies without loving the first boy. Where was the happy ending, sir? Like kuch kuch hota hai – Rahul and Anjali getting married! You just made the boy all alone with 4 beautiful sad lines – “Mehfil mere tere hum na rahe to, gum to nahi hai; Kisse humare nazdikiyon ke, Kam to nahi hai; Kitna dafa subah ko meri, Tere aangan mai beithe maine shaam kiya…” Now, is this called a Karan Johar Climax? What the fuxk you just made, Sir?

Your concrete “the Karan Johar fan base” got distributed because few believed that Ayan and Alizeh will be getting happily married and few accepted the real ending.

 Sir, since Ae Dil hai Mushkil is a Karan Johar film – we that includes my father, mother, younger brother and myself decided to give it an another shot and watch the film…AGAIN!


Must say, you made a love story with Kuch Kuch hota hai, but you made a friend story with Ae Dil hai Mushkil. And, you didn’t forget to mention I friend you…just like I love you! Thank you sir for making us realize that love is in every relation.

The complete flow of movie starting from the first close-up scene of Ayan – “ek bade se artist ne mujhe kaha tha ek tarfa pyar ki taaqat hi kkuch aur hoti hai” (and, we all know how how big that artist is!) to Anushka referring the aeroplane scene and the perfect climax. Thank you sir for showing us a different love!

The movie just went like a one roller coaster ride filled with fun, emotion, joy, jealousy, love and friendship. We got answers to all our questions like why Ranbir introduced Lisa and later Aishwariya to Anushka to plane vala dialogue…I mean everything…everything I noticed in the movie was just placed one after another. Thank you sir for showing us a different love!

I will have to write a book on how I felt after watching Ae Dil hai Mushkil (2nd Time 😉 )

But, sir lets discuss LOVE! (if you agree to) Actually, i want to just discuss the subject love with you and thank you very much for showing us different faces of LOVE

Thank you – for reading at HappyHetu
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The Room!


I’m back!

Sorry for not posting since months.

The thing is – I was locked in a room…a room filled with work, family, friends, issues, chaos, love, care, hate, and what not!

Today, as I look back, I remember that particular room. Interestingly, I was bombarded with a question…”Who bought me to this room?”

And, suddenly from nowhere I was questioned at office today – YOU ARE STILL LIVING IN SHARED ROOM?

So, today’s discussion is all about “THE ROOM”

Recently, I got engaged to the love of my life – a perfect bride, a charming princess, a honest wife and awesome reviewer! How it happened, when it happened etc. will get answered in the later blogs. I lived in a room along with my office mates as earning and living in this 21st century is only possible through sharing – almost in all relations, now 😉 So, after my engagement I went to office, as my normal schedule. Office mates congratulated me…some asked for party (just to get free drinks) and so on…In meanwhile, a new joinee questioned – “you are still living in a shared room?”

I went flabbergasted!

So, I turned this question into conversation and here is how it went –

Me: Why should I have a room, I already have one for me. It’s on sharing basis with our colleagues Raju, Ramu and Ratan! Why a new room ONLY for me, now?

She: But, you are committed to the love of your life, now?

Me: So..??

She: So what! You should have your own room so that you can share your golden time with her more effectively

Me: I’m enjoying my so called “Golden Time”

She: OK..tell me what you do?

Me: I visit her house, she visit mine’s. We go on date, watch movies, share our thoughts, discuss, fights and so on

She: Are you getting privacy for love?

Me: Love…? I love her and she loves me. What’s private in that?

She: Privacy…hehehe!!! How you show love?

Me: Sometimes, when I’m tired, I visit her house. She makes strong tea for me. We both sit in balcony together. Sipping the tea I share what I felt and she comforts me with her motivational words. Same in the case when she needs me… we go to some café – order tea and talk

She: where’s the privacy… where’s the love!

Me: This is love, girl! Talking…sharing…caring…trusting! You know that when the whole world will be against you then there will be SHE standing right by your side. It’s because of love

She: Ohhh no nooo!! This is common! You need privacy to do lovely-doddly talks – make your breathing high  while talking – sharing a kiss, making love, etc etc

Me: hahaha Girl! In that case what’s the requirement of room?

She: to make out – simple!

Me: Darling…love is not just making out. Love means share – care – trust. Walking from parking to store while holding hands is a form of love; Going from kitchen to drawing room with a pleasant smile is a form of love; sleeping together while holding her hair is a form of love; hugging now and then and planting a kiss of luck is a form of love; I mean – love doesn’t require privacy unless the relation is strong. Because, if there is compatibility and understanding, then there’s nothing to hide in a relation. Talking of intimacy, holding hands, hair, hugging, kissing etc. are part of relation and we are going strong in that case!

She: OK, your definition of love is too high to understand!

Me: I know I’m old fashioned, but the love which you are referring will last for days, may be months or years. But, our love is till our last breathe.

She: Cheers!

Me: God bless you!!

Thank you – for understanding my love,
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Is it important to have Honesty for loyalty for royalty?

First and foremost, Sorry for not posting “Anything” for a while. But, HappyHETU is back, now – As always, Smiling and spreading happiness for Hetu’s.


Neither I have any reason behind writing this, nor have any frictional story. But, I just found these 3 qualities rhyming and decided to write “Something”. These 3 are the most important qualities in one’s life and we all would agree to the fact that we try hard in achieving these – for our complete life.

So, recently I was lucky enough to witness all the 3 qualities – some from my side and some from the observation. And, it was seriously a good fun 😉

We were friends for more than a year, now. Living in the same colony bought us closer. I and my dear friend Sandra used to go at office together as she was a front – end developer while I was a marketing intern under same roof. Within a span of 1 year we did share an emotional bond, pulled each other’s legs and even gifted under garments to each other. So, you may have a guess about our closeness, now!

My overall experience with Sandra helped me understand the meaning of Honesty – Loyalty – Royalty. And, I thought it’s worth sharing!

On a not so fine morning Sandra was sipping her black tea – without sugar but with teary eyes. I was watching her – specifically the hairs which were flying with the wind, disturbing the flow of tea and tears. I went to her, pulled hair behind her shoulder and planted a kiss on forehead. She gave a smile and continued with the tea. I finally enquired about the tears. She told it was today that she got divorced from her boyfriend. The how’s – why’s – when’s arose in my mind since she wasn’t married yet, then how come she get a divorce, that too from her boyfriend…!!..?? She explained me that she had been in a live-in relationship for 2 years – how they became friends, then partners and then enemies; why they lived in live-in relation, then parted ways etc. She was saying me everything in detail. Why? She needed a shoulder and I provided it. She cried her heart out to me and I happily took it with open arms. Our relation was built with trust and support and today we passed the litmus test. I promised her that I wouldn’t share her experience with anyone and even shared my secrets with her…HONESTY WITNESSED.

Gradually, things got better and she started smiling at small things. It’s true – “real happiness lies in smaller things”. The way she started dressing up – talking – cuddling – and having fun was all changed, now. She was more relaxed and joyful. May be the burden she had in her heart was no more; since she shared everything with me, honestly! My office colleagues used to get jealous of our bonding. Because we two were ruling the office – any work assigned to us got over before time. Our co-ordination and understanding reflected in our work. Later, the fellow colleagues started bitching about her in front of me. I silently heard them just to know what others are thinking about her. They told me the same story which Sandra had already shared with me honestly. I even heard that being with her will lend me in trouble and there are chances of me losing the job, too! I blew the shit with smoke and continued my friendship with Sandra. In true meaning, a real bond is something which needs to be understood between the 2 persons involved – not being influenced by others…LOYALTY WITNESSED.

Today, I got promoted in the office through performance review. Sadly, my friend Sandra didn’t achieve the hike she dreamt of. She was sad but joined my happy moment of celebration. There were times when our boss mailed me and Sandra was in Bcc. This left Sandra wounded in some or the other way because the situation was reversed earlier. 2 weeks after my promotion, the boss called me in the office and told these 6 beautiful words, “You are fired for taking CREDITS’. No ifs and buts. I was directly removed from the office. Later, I got to know from a reliable source that Sandra played the game to get the promotion. A true corporate girl who played emotionally!!! She bitched that the work which was done by us previously was because of the sole efforts of – only and only hers. Boss found her words to be honest – rewarded her with his loyalty. yes, Sandra’s Honesty – loyalty cycled continued but this time it was our boss who witnessed it and I…WITNESSED ROYALTY.

I saw to what extent someone can go to earn royalty. I learned the lesson of most important cycle – “honesty-loyalty-royalty” and left the office by saying 3 happy words, “Thankyou for EVERYTHING!”

Share your experience in the comment section below if you had witnessed it, earlier!

Thank you – Honestly, I’m loyal to your Royalty!
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